What Does Graphic Designer Do in 2021?

by Abraham Thar
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Graphic designers work mainly in the field of advertising / PR and print editors (layout). Most of the time, you will be hired as a designer, art director, and later creative director. 

The focus is to design: 

  • Corporate Design 
  • Business papers 
  • Show 
  • Billboards and displays 
  • Logo design and 
  • Product design. 

In print media, they are the interface between text and images. Other application areas are the design of didactic programs (e.g., for schools and museums) and orientation aids (operational organization and traffic planning).  

After the discussion with the client, the definition of the target group-oriented concept, the selection of the design means, graphic designers, create a prototype and, after consultation and possible correction, the reproducible form and supervise the production.  

They work with the visualization of editorial specifications with traditional graphic means and computer graphics programs. 

Designer for visual marketing 

Designers for visual marketing develop and implement graphic design concepts. You design sales, presentation, or exhibition rooms and present goods, products, or services. 

The focus is on the design of :

  • Powerpoint presentations 
  • Corporate Design 
  • Flyers and brochures 
  • Poster 
  • Logo design and 
  • Brochures. 

Visual marketing designers mainly work in retail stores, be it a department store, fashion store, or furniture store. But their skills are also in demand at congress centers, exhibition organizers, and advertising agencies. 

At the beginning of an advertising campaign, you can use a design concept to create a feasible design on the computer in the office. In the graphic studio, they prepare advertising media, design signs, or wall coverings.  

So that the marketing campaign finally reaches its target group. It is implemented in the appropriate place, e.g., in the exhibition halls before opening a trade fair. 

To become a designer for visual marketing, most companies entitled to train require an excellent certificate of secondary school certificate or (technical) high school diploma. The training usually lasts three years. 

Infographic designer 

Infographics are specialists who work at the interface between spoken and printed text and visual representation. That is why they have mastered journalistic forms of presentation and graphic design, and modern newspaper design.  

They create explanatory graphics, diagrams, and maps for online and offline products, for television and print products. Independent research is just as much a part of daily tasks as newspaper pages or screens with text, photos, and graphic elements.  

You use professional graphics and layout programs and work wherever information is conveyed, concisely, and visually attractive. To do this, they combine journalistic ways of thinking and working with graphic know-how and the professional use of computers, peripherals, and modern software.  

The ability to quickly familiarize oneself with the various topics is just as crucial for this activity as the ability to cooperate. Infographics are primarily viral in the business press. 

Appropriate education for the graphic designer 

A suitable secondary school certificate is required to become a graphic designer at vocational schools, art schools, and academies. Studying visual communication or communication design at technical colleges or art colleges also qualifies you for this profession. 

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