What Can A Graphic Designer Do In My Company In Terms Of Advertising?

by Bruno Day
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Hiring a graphic designer may seem like a decision to think very well within. However, it is undoubtedly necessary.  

You may think about your budget or if it is the ideal to hire it, but you have to keep in mind that companies obtain many benefits when hiring graphic design services. 

Not everyone can do the work of a graphic designer.  

As many people do, you may think that you only need it to make your logo or a drawing, but it is not like that. A graphic designer is in charge of graphic communication, that is, of communicating with people through creativity.  

Nevertheless, it is not just creating a beautiful message with a beautiful image. 

A graphic designer can have various functions in a company, as he can do many different tasks. In the case of the marketing world, advertising graphic design is necessary for companies, so they can work focusing on so many channels such as web, audiovisual, digital marketing, logos and print. 

To give you an idea of ​​which would be more feasible for you, we are going to show you a short description of each of the types of advertising design: 

Web design  

Design as an advertising design is mainly focused on advertising through websites and even in applications. 

In this case, the graphic designer would be in charge of advertising your brand through web pages and apps. 

Audiovisual design  

Audiovisual design is basically advertising through videos, like TV commercials. This type of design has evolved a lot and, today, we can see advertising in 3D, through animations and/or special effects. 

The audiovisual graphic designer would be in charge of advertising your company using audiovisual communication media, such as an ad that appears on TV and social media platforms such as YouTube. 

Digital marketing design 

It is perhaps the most important or most used today due to the revolution of the internet and social media. 

Digital marketing design focuses on advertising through any internet medium. In this sense, marketing encompasses at least a portion of most types of advertising design. 

The graphic designer would have the job of spreading the brand of your company through the digital world, using messages, content, among others. 

Logo design 

As its name implies, it focuses on creating the logo of the company or a campaign and updating it as necessary. 

Printed design 

This covers everything related to printed information, such as flyers, labels, banners. It is very effective when it comes to advertising. 

The graphic designer would be in charge of advertising your brand through digital printing, that is, creating an image and printing it on labels, t-shirts, among others, depending on the needs and requirements of the company. 

The graphic designer will also take care of objectively analyzing company competition, current trends and what clients like the most in order to get the best out of your company. 

We hope that you already know what a graphic designer can do in your company depending on what type of advertising design service you hire. And we you the best possible success. 

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