What Are The Types of Digital Printing

by Sanaz Aladag
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We often see digital prints anywhere, on the street, in shopping malls, and even at home. If you don’t know what digital printing is, welcome to this post!  

Today, we’ll explain some important things about it.  

In short, digital printing refers to the method used to printing files on materials, such as paper, cardboard, fabric, among others, and examples of these are product labels and billboards 

Digital printing is very important today, especially in marketing, as it is very useful for companies because it allows them to spread their message or image quickly and, thanks to that, win customers. 

Digital printing has many uses and benefits for companies. It can also be adapted to any type of business and to their needs since there are different types that you can choose from depending on the quality that the printing will have and your budget. 

As a company, you are probably thinking about using digital printing as a marketing strategy, and we are going to give you some information about the types of digital printing that exist. This way, you can have an idea of ​​which one suits you best. 

Types of digital printing 

There are many types of digital printing. Most of them are divided according to how the printing process is carried out. Below, we will show you the most used types of digital printing: 

  • Inkjet: It uses inkjet and sends hundreds of inkjets towards the substrate where the file is going to be printed. This type of printing is one of the most used nowadays and it is due to the quality of its results and the printing speed, which is superior to other types of digital printing. But keep in mind that it is very expensive and the printer requires periodic cleaning. 
  • Laser: It reproduces an image using a laser that moves in the table -from the top to the bottom- to create the image. 
  • Solid ink: It uses ink cartridges generally employed in computer printers. Those cartridges are filled with solid ink. Then, when printing, the printers’ bars heat until the ink melts and passed through the material to reproduce the file. Solid ink cartridge printers are widely found in family homes. 
  • Digital press: It is based on the traditional press and is a little more expensive, even than the inkjet, but it promises very high quality in its results. 

Less common types of digital printing. 

The ones we have mentioned are not the only types of digital printing that exist. Although they are less common, there are also other types that could be very helpful for you. For example: 

  • Dye sublimation: In this process, heat is transmitted to capture the image on the substrate. It can be used on synthetic materials and fabric. 
  • Textile printing: It has many similarities with the conventional textile printer. In this process, the fabric is selected, placed in the printer, and then steamed, washed, and dried. 

Final thoughts. 

When choosing the best type of digital printing for you, always keep in mind the quality and your budget. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive or the most popular one. You can use the type that gives good results and goes hand in hand with your objectives and budget. 

Remember that, if you are not sure what type of digital printing you should choose, you can consult specialized companies and ask for a recommendation that suits your needs. We wish you the best of success with your company! 

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