What Are the Advantages of Including Posters Prints in Your Advertising?

by Hannah Dan
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Fast forward a few generations to today’s technologically driven society, and it’s easy to dismiss traditional print advertising as dead and buried – but it isn’t. Did you know that consumers are 70% more likely to recall a brand marketed in print vs online?  

There is a high demand for printed media, and large-scale poster advertising remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to attract clients. Here are nine reasons why you should think about using this media in your next advertising campaign.  

1. Cost-Effectiveness  

One of the primary advantages of poster advertising is that it is quite inexpensive. They are inexpensive to design, print, and install, are quick to manufacture, and may last for a long time. Spreading your message to a large audience in this manner is considerably less expensive than, say, radio, television, or internet advertising.  

2. Visibility 

Whatever product or service you are promoting, marketing and print professionals are well aware that “a well positioned poster will halt people in their tracks.” There is no question that a skillfully designed poster with a captivating visual and pictorial message may be quite successful in increasing your company’s visibility due to its size and visual impact.  

3. Reputation  

Surprisingly, data reveal that conventional print media, such as newspapers, magazines, and poster advertising, are far more trusted than internet advertising and social media. Posters, for an instance, have always been seen in public areas, making them look more visible and trustworthy than other kinds of advertising.  

4. Remember  

Printed advertising is more pleasant for the human eye than reading adverts on a computer screen. There appears to be something about written material that our brains find more pleasurable to digest. According to recent research conducted in the United States, individuals are significantly more likely to recall an advertisement they saw in print, especially if there are written elements that need more attention.  

5. Adaptability  

Posters may express whatever message they want in any way they choose. The creative opportunities are limitless. From eye-catching visual design to create written content, the adaptability to put together a successful marketing message on a big scale is simply immense. Good posters are colorful and distinctive; here are a few classic favorites that have lasted the test of time.  

6. Emotional Reaction  

Posters are a strong medium in terms of influencing customers’ subconscious responses. A well-thought-out advertisement poster. They have the power to elicit empathy and emotional response that ties your product or brand directly with the hearts and minds of your target customers, via the use of emotive visual imagery that never fails to work. Here’s an excellent example:  

7. Local Influence  

A well-placed poster in a nearby town, busy street, shopping center, public escalator, or convenience store may do wonders for a captive audience. Get noticed by putting the appropriate campaign message in front of the right audience! Take full use of advertising posters’ unique ability to reach big audiences in high footfall and automobile traffic regions.  

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