Visual Identity Graphic Design. Get familiar with it

by Hannah Dan
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We already know that brands and branding are here with us even from the ancient Egyptian times. Of course, back then it was a different model and methods, but some things never change.

Brand and branding can simply mean a name, term, design of a product, service or property that differentiates it from other sellers and owners. Yes, it is that simple.

So, how does graphic design bonds with brands? It is pretty simple. Everything you see, read and differentiate is unique on its own. That means a person or a professional team has been working hard to create the graphic designs, logos, slogans and more for people to see the difference and imprint a “whole experience” or a “feel” about a brand.

In the current article we will talk about visual identity graphic design, how it helps advertising, brands and companies to reach new professional heights, sales and leads in marketing and make an impact.

To create a perfect relationship with the customers’ companies hire professional graphic designers to create and lead the visual communication between the brand and people.

And yes, visual identity graphic design is mostly this – it is the continuous interplay and communication with the audience.

Well, how it is done? Again, we can say that the process is done of visual elements of brand identity and the whole communication happens through slogans, words, shapes, forms, images, colours and even video elements nowadays.

To create perfect brand identity designs, and memorable ones, the designers are collaborating with the stakeholders and the whole team of the company, they discuss budgets, goals and strategy before ever starting to create.

After that, the process gets even more interesting because the team is brainstorming all the great and innovative ideas they come up with.  The results are magnificent logos, typography, colour palettes and a plan to keep the brand consistent at least a whole year ahead.

Visual identity graphic design is not an easy task, but an intriguing one. In the past, it was “a bit” less complicated to come up with a great idea. Nowadays with all the monster brands and their marketing and advertising campaigns, it is so much harder to be on top of the game. Not impossible, but hard it is.

To wrap this up, visual identity graphic design is something huge brands like Ferrari and Apple are doing incredibly well, we should all learn from the best.

Just a little reminder, if you ever happen to work in the field of graphic design, do not forget to bring in a piece of yourself, these ideas can change the whole world of branding.

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