Video Editor 101: Some Skill You Must Have Part Two

by Nancy Cairns
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  1. Have a good sense of music 

Well, next is to have a good sense of music. The point of this point is not musical taste, but the ability to know what music fits in each scene, the dynamics throughout the piece, and much more. It’s not funny, is it, if you are asked to make a video interview for a formal company, but the music used in the background is a song with disturbing lyrics? 

  1. Able to work in a collaborative environment 

The next skill that a video editor in Singapore is being able to work in a collaborative environment. In making visual works, editors certainly cannot work alone. There are directors, producers, art directors, and many more. You are expected to work closely with other production members so that the works created can be put together well. Video editors must be able to accept criticism that may be given to their edits, so they can work on revisions well. If you feel that the results are under the directions given, you can also explain the artistic decisions taken. 

  1. Understand offline and online editing 

The final skill that a video editor must have is an understanding of offline as well as online editing. Offline editing is the process of taking the original data, then creating duplicates that have been compressed into a smaller format, namely a proxy. In this process, the editor will edit the video such as setting the frame, selecting the clip you want to use, and so on. When finished, the proxy data is replaced with the original data file. The next process is online editing, including colour grading, adding audiovisual effects, and much more. In essence, online editing includes finishing using the original resolution and size of the file used. 

That’s a set of skills that a video editor must have. Feel like you already have and master the six skills above? Time for satisfying video editing! 

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