Video Editor 101: Some Skill You Must Have Part One

by Nancy Cairns
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Want to get into the world of video editing? If so, there are some basic skills that a video editor must have. Indeed, this profession requires you to be able to edit videos. However, the ability in question is not only a hard skill. Soft skills such as being able to work in a team are also needed to become a good video editor in Singapore. So, what are the skills that must be possessed? Come on, see more! 

  1. Video editing software 

The first skill that a video editor must have is mastering various kinds of editing software. Some of the software commonly used include Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro (only for iOS). As a good editor, you must know the latest updates about the software used, or maybe the presence of new software in the world of video editing. In the process of editing videos, editors are also required to have problem-solving skills. The reason is, there must be times when technical problems arise when editing a video. When you understand the software that is used well, you can solve the existing problems well too. 

  1. Interpret directives from directors and producers 

In making visual work, be it a regular video or a film, one of the most important roles is that of producer and director. The producer is the person who is responsible for the business aspects of work, while the director is more concerned with artistic decisions. As a video editor, you must have the skills to interpret the directions from the director into beautiful visual works. Even so, you also need to consider the producer’s wishes. If the two parties have different opinions, the editor will be expected to be a kind of mediator who can bring the two opinions together. 

  1. Speed of completing revisions 

To be a good video editor, you must also have the skills to complete revisions quickly. This skill is very much needed, considering that the creative industry has a fairly fast pace. Although it is expected to complete the revision quickly, the expected quality remains under the existing standards. Do not finish quickly, but the quality is not maintained. 

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