Three Rubber Stamp Options You Can Get for Your Needs in Singapore

by Nancy Cairns
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The rubber stamp can be a really helpful tool, especially around office work in Singapore. If you are a business owner, it is a must to own one for your correspondence purposes. Sending out documents or letters will become more proper with the impression of the stamp of your logo along with your signature as the decision maker of your company. If you simply need a rubber stamp for less formal uses, then it can definitely be beneficial for you too. For example, in document organizing or merely for crafting purposes.

Hundreds of years after its first discovery, rubber stamp has a few variations today. Learning about them can help you determine which is most suitable for your needs.

1. Wooden Rubber Stamp

The wooden rubber stamp is the most basic type of rubber stamp. It has a wooden handle that is attached to the rubber part which is carved with a custom design you want. This type of rubber stamp is very simple and it is also easy to use. It has average durability and it tends to be quite cheap as well, especially compared to the other types of stamps. It has a downside, however, especially if you need to be mobile with your stamp. A traditional wooden stamp needs a separate ink pad, and it can be quite of a hassle to carry the pair around. However, if you only need to use it on your desk, then there is no problem at all.

2. Self inking stamp

This is a slightly more advanced type of stamp that makes it possible for stamps to not require a separate ink pad, making this type of stamp easier to bring anywhere you want. A self inking stamp does automatic inking since it has an ink pad built into the stamper’s body. Use a self inking stamp as your company stamp in Singapore, you will be able to cut down stamping time and effort.

3. Pre inked stamp

This type of stamp is quite similar to a self inking stamp, only that it has an ink reservoir that provides ink for the stamp that is able to reink itself after each impression that is made onto a surface. For this type of stamp, it is best to use oil based ink. Pre inked stamp arguably produces the best result, which is impressions that are sharper and crisper compared to the other two.

Manufacturing tips: Make sure you explore all the available options that are nearest to you. Contact the best one and manufacture your stamps with a reputable and experienced stamp manufacturer with the most suitable equipment available for the choice of your stamp. If there are none around your area, you can try finding it online. They will have delivery/shipping options available and all transactions can be done through bank transfer. In some cases, this is more convenient especially if you don’t really have the time to commute from your place toward the manufacturer’s shop. However, you have to choose one that has clear testimony and portfolio so that you can be sure of their quality.

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