Things To Know About Youtube Stickers

by Sanaz Aladag
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YouTube has introduced a YouTube Super Chat where the fans can buy a coloured message for a live stream. Later YouTube brought out YouTube Super Stickers. There are various ways for you to monetise videos and content. Using YouTube stickers is an essential way for this. 

Introducing Paid YouTube Super Stickers? 

YouTube Super Stickers refer to an extension for YouTube Super Chats. Fans can pay for a graphical image with a live stream. They function the same way cheer moles and Twitch Bits emoles function.  

YouTube Super Stickers refer to animated stickers that fans can buy and to use on Premieres and YouTube Premieres. They have various designs with various categories and languages like music, beauty, food, gaming etc. Fans use these stickers to display to their favorite creators how they use the content. Fans will match the stickers with the creator. Example they have a capacity to apply a music Super Sticker on a channel musically-related to the channel. You can choose the topics from the Super Stickers according to the niches in YouTube that are most popular. 

How can you buy and use the Super Stickers? 

You can use Super Stickers on your mobile, YouTube apps or on a computer, since it is not compatible with mobile browsers. A debit card or credit card is required for this. YouTube uses both voluntary payments and are not refundable.  

To buy a sticker, do the following: 

i) Choose the dollar sign in a live chat. The live chat should be visible and the mobile devices should be in a portrait mode. 

  • Choose ‘Send A Super Sticker’. 
  • Get a sticker pack you wish, then choose an individual sticker to buy. 
  • Choose ‘send for the funds’. 

Finish your purchase with the onscreen instructions.  

Once you buy a Super Sticker of a minimum of $5, a countdown sticker displays how long the sticker gets pruned above the client. You can spend USD 2000 per week or USD 500 per day on Super Stickers and Super Stickers and Super Chats. 

How can you advertise with stickers on YouTube? 

Use a splashy design 

Design is very essential in promoting on YouTube, with stickers, so make it stand out. Colours enable a sticker to stand out. You can make a sticker in a particular form, but ovals and circles have popular shapes since they pop efficiently against rigid and rectangular surfaces. 

Describe the channel using a few words 

It is not necessary to clutter stickers using a bunch of text, but you want people to know what the channel is about. You can summarise the channel in 3 to 5 words with much emphasis on provided value. Make it brief and interesting. 

Use a QR code 

QR codes lets people open a particular link by scanning the camera of the smart phone, and are great for promoting interest of stickers. You can find a channel easily with a QR code once you make the stickers, add them in places of high traffic and make sure that people can see them. 

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