Things To Know About The Walli App

by Daniel Appleton
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Walli app is an application that you can use to make wallpapers. It is among the best applications. This post tells you the things you need to know about the Walli app.

How can you download the Walli App?

Majority of the applications on Appstore and Play Store are for mobile use. Below are the technical specifications.

The size of the file is 16M. Walli is the major personalisation application for wallpapers. Walli app is mainly for mobile use. Applications and games like Beaty Plus, Snapseed, Subway surfers and PUBG are in desktop and android. Nevertheless android emulators let us use all the applications on PC. Background & HD Wallpapers are not available for PC, however you can make use of emulators.

First method

Bluestacks is among the most widely used and coolest applications, you can use it on PC. It is a software that you can use on Mac OS too.

One: Download the software Bluestacks

  • Install it and open the emulator. The procedure for installation is straight-forward and simple.
  • It can take a time to initially load the app. The home screen becomes visible.
  • Play Store has pre-installed Bluestacks. Go to Playstore and click twice to open.
  • Find the application you intend to install. Enter the keyword “HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds, Walli-4K” and install.
  • After clicking on ‘Install’, Backgrounds & Wallpapers get automatically installed on the surface. Click twice on the icon and begin using HD wallpapers & Background Walli-4K on your computer. The application is usable on your iOS or Android the same way.
  • If there is an APK file available, import the APK. You don’t have to use Google Play Store. You can use the standard method for the android applications. Bluestacks4 is 6 times faster than Samsung Galaxy J7 device. You can install Backgrounds & HD Wallpapers and Walli-4K. There is no minimal configuration for this, lest you might have loading issue, especially playing top games like PUBG.

Second method

MEmu play is for gaming, fast and super-flexible.

  • Download Memuplay and install on your computer. Use the download link of the official website
  • After installing the emulator, open and proceed to the icon of Google Play store. Double-click to open it.
  • Search for backgrounds app & HD Wallpapers, Walli-4K on Playstore. Get the official app belonging to Shanga developer and tap the ‘Install’ button.
  • After installation, the Background & HD wallpapers. Walli-4K shows on the screen.

Using Walli Playlist

You can add images to your Playlist in 2 ways:

i) When scrolling images in various feeds search for and click ‘Add to playlist’ under the image.

ii) Tap the image you see and then click ‘Add to playlist’ under the image.

Begin your playlist

To begin the playlist and change the wallpaper automatically. Proceed to the playlist screen. You can do this by tapping on the icon above the screen. Another way to do this to tap on ‘My Playlist’ link. This is at the left menu. There is a controller below the screen where you can click ‘Play’ and enable music.

Skip and Pause

You may pause the playlist if you want to use the same wallpaper or skip to another. This is by tapping SKIP or PAUSE on the controller.

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