The Things You Should Do’s and Don’ts When Making a Packaging Sticker

by Abraham Thar
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A packaging sticker is needed, especially for a business. You can use it for several reasons, from promotional, informational, or even to decorate the packaging. Moreover, people tend to use it since the packaging sticker is easy to use since there is no specific direction for using it. For making a packaging sticker you can use design apps such as Adobe, Corel, and more design apps. But, if you need the one who has more experience in making it, then you can choose to hire a graphic designer.

If you decide to make a packaging sticker for any reason, here are several tips for do’s and don’ts when making a packaging sticker! Hopefully, by knowing it, you will get a great packaging sticker. 


1. Preparing Information

Before you make a packaging sticker, list some of the information that you want to include on the sticker. If you want to include ingredients information, then you should prepare about it. But if you want to put the business contact on it, then you can list the business address, phone number, email, etc. After making a list, you should sort the information that will be included on the sticker. It is important since the sticker has a limited area.

2. Considering to Find a Good Quality of Printing Service

The look of the packaging sticker is crucial! Since the quality of printing will determine the sticker looks, then make sure you print the sticker with good quality sticker printing . Don’t destroy the sticker by overlooking the printing quality.

3. Estimating the Size of Sticker

When you make a packaging sticker, you need to know the right size for it. If you have already known about it, that’s good! But if you haven’t, then you can try to estimate it. You can begin by cutting a paper into a certain size. Then try to put it on the packaging. If you think the size isn’t right, then you can change it into another size. But, if you think it is perfect, then you get the right size! By doing it, you can minimize the risk of the wrong size after the sticker is printed. 

4. Making a Good Design

Of course, for having a good packaging sticker, you must make a good design sticker! You can play with a color and shape when designing a sticker. But remember, since the area is limited than be careful to make it overdesign.


1. Don’t Include Irrelevant Information

Avoid including the last phone number of your business on the sticker. You can lose a chance when the consumer tries to contact you. So, you should always check and update the information that includes on the sticker.

2. Avoid to Use Unreadable Font Type

People might be confused and try to guess every word on your packaging sticker if it is unreadable. So, don’t set the font size too small, or choose an unreadable font type.

3. Forgetting to Do the Typographical Error

Always do the typographical checking before printing the sticker. It matters especially for checking any typo of numbers, because your consumer may call another shop if you do a typographical error even just for a word.

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