The Importance of Learning Video Editing in Singapore Part One

by Hannah Dan
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Right now, we have entered a new era in the world of technology where this technological era continues to develop from time to time. Most activities are now supported by technological devices such as smartphones which are currently mandatory for everyone. From smartphones we can enjoy various kinds of entertainment instantly, a simple example is watching videos on YouTube. 

On YouTube, there are lots of videos uploaded by YouTubers to be enjoyed by YouTube users, apart from being entertainment, the videos made are also in the form of information, personal activities, sports, and many other categories that we can enjoy through YouTube. Quality videos can not only be enjoyed via YouTube, but there are many places to see videos from content creators such as film sites, Instagram, and others, you can also make your interesting videos. 

Interestingly, the videos that we watch cannot be separated from the content creators who always present and make quality videos so that you feel at home watching them. In addition to entertainment, the video can also be made to promote something so that it is more attractive to buyers. 

And for that reason why in this digital era you need to learn video editing because there are so many benefits that we can feel if we are experts in the field of video editing. To further convince you of the importance of learning video editing, here are some points that we summarise about what are the benefits and advantages of learning video editing to experts. 

  1. You can become a famous YouTuber if the good quality of the video is presented 

There are a lot, thousands, millions, up to billions of YouTubers in Singapore who have high video editing skills and have reached the peak of their success as famous YouTuber and of course have earned billions of dollars in coffers, besides that if you are already famous because the videos you make are of high quality then there will be many jobs offers that come on their own without you having to look around and also lots of events that will invite you for an interview. 

  1. Can be used as a freelance job 

You could say that in this era, skills have become a major requirement in doing a job, especially as a video creator. Many well-known companies are more concerned with current skills than diplomas to recruit their employees. In other words, if there is a skill, money will flow. 

Either working in a company or work by yourself, freelancers can also be done and both have the potential to make a lot of money, for example being a YouTuber, then you can also open a video editing service because nowadays there are so many people who hire video editing services to help. The videos that are entertainment and promotional are interesting and of high quality so that they are watched by many people. 

Talking about video editing services, other people are willing to pay dearly for you to make quality videos. With your video editing skills, you can reap a lot of benefits without having to work for a company, isn’t that great? 

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