The Basic Requirements For The Company Registration In the Singapore

by Nancy Cairns
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Starting a company in Singapore is not a unique choice as it requires the number of the process involved. Following every rule and requirement in Singapore is more important for every business registration. Numerous business startups could be seen in the modern-day with more number of facilities which are a completely excellent option for easily gaining good profit. With the excellent features available in modern Singapore, most of the businesses across the world are looking for the finest option to establish the business in this place. Singapore has been ranked as one of the top places in the world that has proper facilities for the business uniquely. For the company registration in Singapore, there are certain procedures and requirements to be followed to establish the company in the legal process. Mainly it would cover all the topics in the most significant way without any hassle. When you are foreigners who are incorporating in Singapore then you could engage in all kinds of services with the appropriate registration.

Basic Requirements For The Company Registration:

Requirements for the Singapore Company Registration include the flowing list of processes. It is not a single process that has been enabled with prominent features.

  • Shareholding:

Normally, the company needs to have a minimum of 1 shareholder to eh maximum of 50 shareholders. These shareholders could be locale or foreigners. The Shareholders could be natural persons or even corporate entities. For starting a business, the shareholders are the most important aspects in a more significant way.

  • Share Capital:

Minimum paid-up capital for setting the company will be about S$1. Mainly the company would increase the share capital with easily injecting the additional capital any time in a more efficient way.

  • Directors:

Singapore-resident, as well as foreign-resident persons, must be directors of the company. Normally, Corporate directors will not be permitted from other countries. Therefore, the company needs to have at least a single Singapore-resident director. Singapore-resident requires to be defined as a person who is the citizen of Singapore and he or she mainly requires to have the Employment Pass holder or even Singapore permanent resident. Appropriate documents are most important for the company registration requirements in Singapore which would be thoroughly analyzed in the prominent aspect without any hassle.

  • Company Secretary:

Company in Singapore mainly requires to appoint a qualified company secretary even within the 6 months of the incorporations. Mainly, the company secretary needs to be a resident of Singapore as well as a natural person.

  • Registered Address:

A business startup or company requires to have the complete local registered address in the country. The company needs to keep all the statutory documents in there. Your address must not be in the PO box.

  • Company Name:

Mainly, the Name of the Company needs to get approved even before the proceedings with the registration of the company. Only with the approved of the company name, the whole registration process would be processed without any hassle. Company Name is required to be certified along with its logo and other aspects legally in a unique way. If you can see the comprehensive information on how to register a company in Singapore over here.

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