The Advertising Sticker, Everything You Need to Know

by Daniel Appleton
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You can find the advertising sticker on a store window, on a car, on the ground or on the walls as decoration… The personalized sticker can be used indoors as well as outdoors. To print the stickers, there are several types of media: white or transparent vinyl, paper, etc. 

Advertising stickers have the advantage of adapting to all display media, of being able to be printed in several defined formats or in personalized formats, of developing the visibility of your company, of enhancing your image and above all of communicating at low cost. cost. In this article, we give you all the keys to help you choose the personalized sticker that will meet your expectations 

1. Window Stickers 

In order to promote the different offers of your shop or your store, there is the vinyl sticker (opaque, translucent). Vinyl paper is ideal if it needs to be glued outdoors. It is weather and UV resistant. Its lifespan is much longer than a sticker on paper (about 6 years). Customizable as you wish, the window adhesive allows you to bring a modern touch while arousing the interest of your customers. 

2. Car Stickers 

You can also find personalized stickers on vehicles in company colours. The car sticker will allow you to be visible to your customers when you travel and specially to develop your notoriety. 

The car sticker can be printed on 3 kinds of media: 

• Micro-perforated vinyl: it is suitable for short- or long-term use, indoors and outdoors. It can be stuck on the rear windshield of your vehicle.              

• Opaque or translucent vinyl: you have the choice among several colours of stickers              

• Cut-out letter and shape: to highlight your logo, you can choose the personalized cut-out of letters or vinyl shapes (with several colours to choose from)              

• If you want to promote your vehicle, you can get a special vehicle magnet. It is ideal if your car is both a company car and a personal vehicle. The vehicle magnet can be glued and peeled off easily. You can even reposition it however you like.              

3. Floor Stickers 

 • To indicate your stand at a trade fair or to highlight an offer in a store, you can choose the sticker for the floor! Easy to use, the floor sticker is non-slip: passers-by can step on it without damaging it. 

Completely customizable, the floor sticker is available in several sizes. And this communication medium is recommended for short- and medium-term events. 

4. Custom Stickers 

Thanks to its adhesive side, the advertising sticker can be stuck anywhere! Whether for the promotion of a brand or a product, it is appreciated by adults as well as children. You can get the paper adhesive printed on 80 grs satin coating or the sticker on A4 sheet (half-flesh). This technique consists of easily removing the sticker from the sheet yourself. 

By the way, if you want original business cards, you can print sticker cards! 

For your next communication campaigns, opt for advertising stickers. They are perfect for short to medium term use. You can even decorate your premises in your own colours! 

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