Stickers, What Theme and Where to Place Them

by Abraham Thar
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With stickers, a misstep quickly happens. Before your purchase, analyse the atmosphere of your room to see what theme you want to choose your sticker on. Some rules must be respected: you should avoid stickers full of humor in a chic living room, a sticker in the living room will not be the same as in a child’s room, finally if you fall in love with “flower” stickers, do not overdo it! 

 A sticker prolongs an atmosphere or gives it a little whimsical touch, but it should never break the atmosphere of the room. It’s best to use your sticker as a nifty colour reminder, a fun decorative nod to the overall feel of your room. 

1. Did You Think About the Sticker Size? 

You’ve finally found the sticker of your dreams, but have you thought about its size? It is important to carefully measure the future location of your sticker and to know if your heart capsizes for a discreet wall decoration or on the contrary if you have a weakness for the madness of grandeur and fall for a monumental sticker! 

    Depending on the pattern of sticker you are going to choose, do not hesitate to ventilate the space around it, no need to overload a wall. Finally, if you have trouble finding your happiness, know that there are custom stickers. There are graphic teams who make stickers in your image from, for example, a photo that you like or your child’s first name. Unique stickers that will make their effects! 

2. How to Post Your Sticker? 

Now that you have chosen your sticker, let’s tackle the crucial moment: the installation of the sticker. Easy and fast, here are some tips to have the best results:  

 ● First of all, before tackling the sticker, you must focus on the surface on which you are going to place your sticker. For optimal adhesion, it is advisable to have a smooth and clean surface. Do not hesitate to clean your surface and wait until it is dry before sticking your sticker. 

 ● During this time, in order not to have unpleasant surprises such as bubbles or creases, it is preferable to spread the sticker on the ground in its packaging, well flat, with why not a few large books stored on it for 24 hours before installation. The idea is to flatten it as much as possible. 

 ● A little cold blood, the moment of the pose finally arrives! Before you start, get the necessary tools: the sticker, a squeegee, a small ruler. Do you have everything at your disposal? So, you can get started! 

 ● Take the squeegee and pass it several times from the center of the sticker to the edges in order to adhere the pattern to the transparent transfer paper. You just have to stick the sticker to the desired location and start the maneuver again! Position your sticker on the wall, stick it and iron the squeegee on the transfer paper as you slowly detach it from the transparent part. Insist on the patterns of the sticker always going from the inside to the outside. Once the sticker is stuck to its location, use a final wipe for more clarity. 

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