Stationery Needed For Making Your Wedding Invitations Cards

by Bruno Day
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First put together what you will need to print for the wedding, before going to the market. This will enable your spouse-to-be and you to be on budget, figuring out the essential pieces and the non-essential ones. This post is a guide to the entire paper elements you will need for that day. Your wedding card may be sent electronically, customised, or a Do It Yourself project. A printed wedding invitation is suitable too. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can give more ideas. This post tells you the stationery needed for making your wedding cards. 

Stationery needed before the wedding:

Engagement party invites 

Send invites 2 to 3 months in advance for casual affair and a formal part, which is 6 to 8 weeks. They should have the time, date, place and the dress code. 


It is not mandatory to send Save-the-Date card, but if you decide to send it, send it 6 to 8 months earlier, mention the state and city of the wedding, a formal invitation follows with your wedding website. You can send such cards a year earlier. This will lead to a higher rate of acceptance.  

Bridal Shower Invitation 

The bridal shower is hosted by the bridal party, the member ought to send invitations. Timing is about 2 to 3 months earlier, and the invite should  have date, time, place, whether or not a theme is there. It is helpful where they register the couple. 

Bridal Thank You Cards 

Make Thank You cards and send it like 2 weeks after you get your gift. Sending Thank You cards can be done with emails too. 

Bachelorette Part/ Bachelor Invitation 

You can use text message and email if the gathering is not large. However for a large group, send the invitations 2 to 3 months earlier. Add details for the guests. 

Research Dinner Invitation 

The hosting family may decide to handle the invitations by themselves, otherwise the couple may select invites that match them to their major invitation suite. The hosting family’s name should be there, RSVP lime, and location information. 

Welcome Dinner Invitation 

For a more formal event, make a separate invitation card. You can send it too using an invitation suite, which are part of a weekend events. Ensure that you give credit to those who host and tell them the attire. 

Stationery needed for wedding invitation:

  • Outer envelope: Include an outer and inner envelope for a traditional invitation suite. The outer section can include address of the recipient on the postage and front stamps on its upper top corner. 
  • Inner envelope: Your envelope should have the last and title name of the invitees. Choose whether the guests should get a pristine envelope or if there is a special envelope liner, the liner can enter the sealed envelope so don’t tear it open. 
  • Belly band: 

The Belly band  is optional for your wedding, and you can use ribbon, fabric or paper for it. It will hold the invitation suite. 

Invitation card: The invitation card should have the most substantial and largest card in the suite.  

Reception card: If you have your reception at another venue, the invitation should have a reception card. It should include the address and name of venue. 

Maps/Direction Card: Modern wedding websites replace map cards and directions, buy they are not entirely obsolete, and can act as an efficient add-on. 

Self addressed and response card 

You can use response cards and self-addressed cards as part of your stationery. This will enable receivers to submit a response, with regards to your invitation. 

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