Packaging Design: How You Can Advertise With Packaging

by Nancy Cairns
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Packaging creates a lot of waste. We hear that in the media every day. But without a protective cover, it would be impossible to transport and store products and inform customers about the most essential facts. We cannot do without packaging. 

So why not see the packaging as part of the marketing strategy and focus the attention of potential buyers on your own product? For example, watch yourself shopping. We often choose the product that is most appealing to us visually. We are less concerned with the specific content available in umpteen variants and from some manufacturers.  

In most cases, we will automatically choose the product in the most attractive case. This article will find out what exactly packaging design is all about, what styles there are, and how you can advertise your products with the right design. 

What is packaging design? 

Every day we are confronted with the packaging on a small and large scale, from handkerchiefs to new laptops. The design and configuration of this packaging, therefore, encompasses a wide range of possibilities. From ready-made standard solutions to individual development for a product, everything is conceivable. 

For graphic designers, packaging design is part of the corporate identity. It reflects the company’s values ​​and attitudes on various levels. 

In addition to the customer’s attention, which the packaging generates, the brand is also strengthened, and information is conveyed to the customer. This can go far beyond the manufacturer’s prescribed comments and, for example, use storytelling to represent an independent marketing tool. 

How can packaging encourage customers to buy? 

Customers are addressed by the packaging at different levels, especially when it comes to impulse purchases. First of all, the customer sees the packaging, which means that it has to be visually appealing. The color, shape, and size of the packaging play an important role. When choosing colors, you should be guided by current trends not to get lost in the mass of products. 

Once the customer has opted for your product, the feel becomes an essential factor. How does the packaging feel? It can be rough, smooth, structured, or embossed; each property says something about your company and the product. 

The moment the customer picks up the packaging, other senses are addressed depending on the product. There may be a noise made by handling the case. Or there is a particular scent that adheres to the development and is conveyed to the potential buyer through a specially designed opening. 

By addressing as many senses as possible, emotions are aroused in the customer. Emotion is one of the most critical marketing tools of all!  

If the customer can identify with the brand and the company, recurring purchases are more likely. The appropriate packaging design can contribute to this. 

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