Make Sure These 6 Things Before Making a Rubber Stamp

by Abraham Thar
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Do you know if the stamp has a variety of types? From wax stamp, leather stamp, numbering stamp, rubber stamp, and another type of the stamp. Now, people might be more familiar with the rubber stamp. As its name, the rubber stamp is made by a rubber that cut to fit into the mold. Also, in the process of making it, heat and pressure are needed. 

Regularly, the rubber stamp is used for validation purposes. But, that’s not an absolute purpose. You can still make it for other purposes according to your need. Well, if you want to make it, then you need to consider and make sure a few things about the rubber stamp before you start to create it. By ensuring these things, you may become better prepared when you begin to make it. So, here are the things! 

1. Purpose  

Identify the purpose of making a rubber stamp is the first thing you need to ensure. You can’t suddenly make a stamp without knowing the ideas behind it. As mentioned earlier, the purpose can be vary based on each person’s needed. Maybe you can make it for validating the product that has passed from the quality control work station, or perhaps you have another purpose of making it. By making sure that you know specifically what you wanna do with the stamp, it will be easier for you to decide a lot of things along the process of making it. 

2. Information 

Your purpose will bring you to determine the vital information for your rubber stamp. Maybe you will need the name and number of your business or company, logo, address and contact, or anything that you think will be needed for your stamp. And, make sure if there is no information left out.   

3. Shape 

Generally, people choose to make a round or rectangle rubber stamp. So, what kind of shape that will be fit for your rubber stamp? You can decide the shape of the stamp by considering the purpose and information needed. 

4. Size 

So, before you make a rubber stamp, it’s clear that you need to decide the perfect size for your rubber stamp. For the round stamp, the diameter can be 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, 31mm, and more. But, for the rectangular stamp, the size can be 6×36 mm, 10×38 mm, 13×51 mm, and more. Basically, you can choose the perfect size based on the purpose and the number of information that will be inserted. 

5. Ink Color 

Have you decided ink color for the stamp? There is more than black ink that you can use for it. Several colors of the ink that you can choose are blue, black, red, and green. Choose the best ink color based on the purpose and your need. 

6. Pre-Inked Stamp or Self-Inking Stamp 

The rubber stamp can be made as a two type, pre-inked and self-inking. The pre-inked stamp uses oil-based ink, but the self-inking stamp uses water-based ink. If you want to create a detailed stamp, then a pre-inked stamp could be a great choice for you! But, if you will stamp in a large quantity but wanna save the budget, then a self-inking stamp will be best for you! 

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