Logo Sizes For Website, Social Media, Printing, And Other Purposes

by Sanaz Aladag
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A professional-looking logo is essential for a contemporary company to succeed. Regardless of the sector in which a business works, a logo is a crucial method of identification. The ability of skilled designers and artists to create corporate logos is long gone. 

Today, everyone has access to all of the tools and standards required to create a professional-looking logo. You don’t need to study graphic design in college or take a specialized course to follow in the designer’s footsteps. 

Whether you’ve hired a designer or created an emblem yourself, ensure your logo (or favicon) works in various settings, including your website, social media platforms, printed materials, and more. 

This post will teach you how to choose the right picture size to increase traffic to your website. Don’t pass up the opportunity to show your audience how much you’re worth! 

Why Correct Logo Size is Important 

First and foremost, let’s discuss why it’s critical to utilize the correct logo size on your social network sites. Your symbol will grow and become grainy if it is less than the suggested size (i.e., illegible). 

On the other hand, if your logo is too large, it will be automatically compressed, lowering the quality. In any event, your consumers will have difficulty understanding what your company’s image is saying. 

We don’t want to bore you with unnecessary information, so keep in mind that the best logo proportions for social networking sites are 1024 x 512 pixels. 

You can be confident that your pictures will show appropriately on most social media sites if you adhere to these proportions. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of all picture dimensions for the most popular social media sites in 2020. 


  • Link posts: 1200 x 628px 
  • Image posts : 1200 x 630px 
  • Cover picture: 820 х 312px 
  • Profile picture: 170 х 170px 


  • Image contributions: 1024 x 675px 
  • Cover image: 1500 х 500px 
  • Profile image: 400 x 400px 


  • Post Images: 1080 x 1080px 
  • Profile picture: 180 x 180px 
  • Stories: 1080 x 1920px 


  • Thumbnail view: 1280 x 720px 
  • Cover picture: 2560 x 1440px 
  • Profile picture: 800 x 800px 


  • Image contributions: 1000 x 1500px 
  • Pin: 236px Width 
  • Profile picture: 165 x 165px 


  • Link posts: 1200 х 628px 
  • Picture posts : 1200 x 1200px 
  • Cover picture: 1536 x 768px 
  • Profile picture: 300 х 300px 

To find out how to add a logo to any social platform, do not ignore this article carefully prepared for you. 

Logo sizes for your website 

You must submit your design (PNG, transparent backdrop) to your website after it is complete. In most instances, the ideal logo proportions for a website are 250px (width) x 100px (height).  

However, if you need to change the size of your logo, we can help! For the two most popular layouts, we’ve included some logo proportions below. 

For horizontal arrangement: 

– 250px x 150px 

– 350px x 75px x 75px 

– 400px x 100px 

For vertical (square) arrangement: 

– 160px x 160px x 160px 

Favicon sizes for a website 

A favicon is a small icon that includes your company logo, the first letter in your brand name, or an image that identifies your company or website. 

You can use favicons in the following sizes: 

– 16px x 16px x 16px 

– 32px x 32px x 32px 

– 48px x 48px x 48px 

Logo sizes for printing 

When it comes to printing your business logo on various surfaces, the format of your logo is more important than the size. PDF, SVG, and EPS are the best vector formats. Why vector instead of raster? 

This is because a vector logo (both the entire picture and its components) is simple to modify. Furthermore, when a vector logo is expanded many times, it maintains its quality, critical for printing. 

You won’t have to worry about selecting before bringing your design to a print company if you save your symbol in vector format. 

As a result, we suggest using a 500px (or larger) logo for small prints (such as souvenirs) and a 1024px (or larger) logo for big prints. 

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