Identifying The Right Colour For Your Brand

by Sanaz Aladag
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It is important to identify and choose the correct color that will match properly and fit your brand or what you are trying to sell to your customer. This can be achieved by hiring the right graphic design service for your brand. Getting the right color goes a long way in determining the way your prospective customer will patronize and view your products and services. Marketing of products in the market is a very important aspect of business as it determines how long the business will stand. Colors help convey information to customers, it helps to pass a message across, and it also helps boost sales.

When choosing the right color for your brand, it is important first to identify the identity of your brand, what your brand means, the different words that can be used to describe your brands, such as the mission statement, objectives, and goals. The next step is to figure out the true meaning of these colors; take, for example, gold is related to something graceful and royal, pink is related to a feminine touch. Getting to know the true meaning of these colors will go a long way in matching the color to the words. For example, food vendors tend to go with calm and cool colors to draw the attention of their prospective customers to patronize their restaurant, relax and have a taste of the delicious meal that is being sold at the restaurant. The fashion industry tends to go with flashy and bright colors that bring out that glamour and make customers glare at the site of these different fashion accessories and wears.


Every business or brand needs to ensure that the color that is related to their brand is unique to the business alone. This means that it is important for all business starters to carry out comprehensive research on their competitors to know which color is tied to their brand and ensure that the color picked is distinctly different from those of the competitors. A lot of research has been carried out shows that one of the main driving factors that push customers to patronize a particular brand is how well the color of the product attracts prospective buyers.


Knowing the right color to use could be a bit challenging. This is because there are so many shades of a particular color. For example, the color blue has lots of shades, and also different types of colors (blue, green, red) can be mixed to create a color hue.


The first thing customers set their eyes on when they look at a particular product is the color. Colour goes a long way in determining how well that particular product will sell in the market. Colors bring out the brand’s emotion and help translate what they are trying to pass across to the customers. Brand color is a unique selling point; it helps customers to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

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