How to Properly Put the Logo in Flyers and Posters

by Abraham Thar
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Your logo stands for your company, your brand! It represents all of the values ​​you stand for and is a clear statement to the public. This should also be used in the design of advertising products.  

But how is a logo correctly placed? 

The art of designing advertising posters or flyers is to create a high recognition value. It must be clear at a glance which product and which brand it is! 

Optimal placement of the logo 

Regardless of which product you want to design and print, one important basic rule applies when placing the logo: consistency. Once you have decided on a position, you can keep it for future projects.  

This creates trust and gives the customer a feeling of security. Note: Make sure that your logo has a permanent place! 

Restraint wins 

The trick is not to place the logo too obtrusively. It has to fit harmoniously into the overall picture.  

The logo should (usually) not be the central message of your poster, so make sure not to present it too big. Especially with posters that seem to offer an almost infinite amount of space, there is a high risk that you will place your logo too large. 

Therefore, always make yourself aware of what the core message of your poster is. Note: the logo is not the focus of your message. It should blend harmoniously. 

 No need to hide 

Your logo shouldn’t be too small either. After all, you have nothing to hide. So choose a size, especially on posters, that can be easily recognized from afar but not overly intrusive. 

A lot of information must be placed in the smallest of spaces on flyers and still be kept clear. Many tend to put their logo too small here.  

But that’s not the way to go. The logo must always be recognizable. So, do not hide it! The logo must be legible and clearly identifiable. 

Draw attention to yourself 

Another critical point to pay attention to is the course of the gaze. Every graphic or photo leads the viewer in a specific direction.  

For example, if you have a person looking to the left on your advertising material, the viewer’s gaze will also be drawn to the left relatively quickly. In this case, it is best to place your key message on the left. 

By placing the individual building blocks, you can consciously direct the gaze of your viewers and potential customers. It would be best if you deliberately drew the viewer’s eyes to the core message and your logo. 

Corporate design vs. logo 

If you have an excellent corporate design, the placement of your logo is not always necessary. The most important thing is that the poster, flyer, or other advertising material fits your company or brand as a whole. 

It has to be consistent. Ideally, the CD and the logo complement and combine perfectly with each other. Your design and logo must convey a uniform, consistent impression.

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