How to make a winning sticker design?

by Abraham Thar
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When it comes to getting unparalleled brand exposure, making your narrative stay, or boosting a slow sales funnel, a brilliant sticker design maybe your magic bullet.  

So, how does one go about making one?  

  1. Square stickers  

A classic square-style sticker can never go wrong. This is the simplest and most popular option due to its clean, sharp edges and simple but elegant appearance.  

  1. Stickers with a Kiss-Cut Design  

A kiss cut gives you the most freedom in realizing your vision—this approach cuts the sticker into whatever shape you choose while leaving the back intact.  

What can you do with a winning sticker design?  

Stick to your old habits when it comes to stickers! A sticker may practically be slapped onto anything imaginable, such as a meeting room door, a cup, a notepad, a car, or a phone. The only limit is your creativity. A sticker may help you extend the reach of your brand beyond what you thought was possible whenever your business is in the limelight – whether at a conference, meetup, awards ceremony, or exhibition.  

So, how can you put it to use?  

One of the most apparent uses for stickers is on a laptop. To win a spot on someone’s laptop, though, you must have a design that is far larger than simply your brand. It must elicit emotions and be consistent with people’s ideas. Books are unlikely to be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term sticker, but they can and do work for some projects and businesses. It can be used as a modern-day “property of” stamp, to advertise a connected event, or for anything else.  

A phone cover is another obvious place for a sticker. People are looking for methods to ‘dress up’ their phones now that they are practically an extra limb. A clever sticker that resonates with your target audience has the potential to become a world-class marketing asset. Cups are ideal for displaying stickers. If you walk into any workplace or home kitchen, you will undoubtedly see a few glasses – Cups expose your brand and make it easily accessible to a wide range of people. Notebooks are also great for stickers. As an item that the majority of people use every day, they provide your company with a unique opportunity to stay top of mind! Skateboards. Stickers have existed almost as long as skating. Here’s a good interview with a skateboard sticker collector about his collection. How do you pick a top-game sticker design? There are hundreds of distinct sticker designs – and no single piece of artwork can be considered the finest. Every sticker has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered in a broader perspective — is it intended to be worn on a t-shirt? Do you want to decorate a wall? Or do you want to spruce up a brand’s package design? Any sticker may be scaled and trimmed to the exact dimensions needed for a spectacular aesthetic impact, depending on its function. If you want to sell stickers, you won’t have to go far for your next best-selling design — there are hundreds of markets offering all kinds of stickers, from Etsy to Amazon. Moreover, despite the hazy idea of a “successful sticker design,” there are a few elements that make a sticker stand out, resulting in greater sales.  

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