Graphic Design mistakes to avoid when working in the field in 2020

by Abraham Thar
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Graphic design is recommended by many for a career path and people are taking it. It is not easy by any means but when you get good at it, you can make a lot of money from it not only as a freelancer but as a graphic designer in a company as well.

Although there are different types of graphic design and specialists all over the world that work in the field, there are also principles.

These principles are often bonded with mistakes every graphic designer should avoid providing a seamless and perfected work to the clients.

Here is our list of mistakes that should be avoided by any means when you start working as a graphic designer.

  1. Poor communication skills – yes, that’s right, you’ve read that right. When you do not understand the goal of your job and the final results that your boss wants or your client you are going to deliver poor quality. Learning to understand and communicate during the process of work is pivotal for graphic design
  2. Plagiarism – this should even be number 1 on the list. Do not ever violate the copyright rules of any photo or use the work of other designers. It is better not to complete the job than to deliver results that are “not completely yours”.
  3. Using the wrong typography – It can take years to learn different types of letters and how they work in different campaigns. You need to develop an eye for every detail because it is extremely important in graphic design works.
  4. No proofreading – When you do no proofread everything you have written, then there is a huge problem. You can proofread all of the written text before finishing the project with professional tools for free.
  5. Losing confidence – When you do not feel like you can finish a project the right thing is to ask for help, not to quit. By doing this you can be sure that the project will be delivered in time and you can build a long-term relationship with the client.
  6. Say “No” to stock images – this technique might have been fine ten years ago but now when search engines are looking for original content only in websites it is pivotal for you to deliver “value” and “originality “ with your graphic design skills.

These are some of the most important mistakes a graphic designer can do when starting working with clients, look out for them, ask for help when it is needed, learn and be confident in your skills.

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