Design Tips for a Better Looking Name Card

by Nancy Cairns
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Creating network and connectivity is very important in the business world, especially if you are trying to be more professional as an entrepreneur. As your business grows, you will be forced to expand your relationship and try to be connected with larger firms and people who are in those firms that may benefit you in growing your business. Since the early days, there is a way that is often used and still is until this very day even though technology has become a big part in people’s lives. It is using a name card as a tool for exchanging business contact and information.

A good name card printing company is absolutely needed and very important in order to create strong and positive impression toward anyone who receives it. If you can impress them on the first encounter, it will make your relation-building become more effective and successful.

Many people fail to understand the importance of a well-designed name card. Surely, you don’t want to do the same. Read more below to know how you can design a better name card for business purposes.

  1. Decide on a theme

A name card is a tool that represents you and the business that you are running. Thus, it must be able to portray what kind of work you’re in so that people can understand even just with a glance. It is important for your name card to have a design that is suitable to the line of work that you are trying to promote so that people can associate the elements of design on your card with your business or brand better.

  1. Determine design measures

There is no absolute rule in designing a name card for business. However, there is a common measure that are often used and deemed as appropriate among people. Commonly, a name card is rectangular with a size of 8.5 x 5. This is basic. You are of course free to make a name card in different shape and size, but you are also very welcomed to make it in the common measures. Surely you will stand out more with different shapes or size, but there are still other ways you can make your rectangular name card look eye-catching, so don’t worry too much about it. Being distinct is good, but don’t overdo it.

  1. Choose the right paper stock

In making a name card, you should decide on the type of paper you want your name card to be printed in. If you want to exude a more professional image, you should choose a more premium quality paper, where it is thicker and more durable so that it will look more elegant and expensive.

  1. Finishes

Picking the right finish for your name card can make it look better. A lot of people choose to at least coat or varnish their card so that it will appear smoother and not only that, the name card will have better resistance to moisture and any undesired tearing. There are other types of finishes that can make your card look more interesting, such as embossing, debossing, die-cutting, and more.

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