Best Fonts For Making Wedding Invitation Cards

by Rusty Lane
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What fonts are best for making wedding invitation cards? Do you want to know them? Then this post will help you. Your wedding invitation card is part of your wedding planning. You have to choose a font that is suitable for your wedding invitations. This contributes to the tone of your card. It can tell them how they can dress for an event, how formal the event should be and the kind of feeling they expect for the event.

There are many free wedding fonts that you can use for this. When you go for the proper fit, you will notice there are many options for you to choose from online. Ensure that you align the style well with those wedding accessories. Ensure that you select fonts or a font that is functional on the rest of printed goods. This post tells you the best fonts for making wedding invitation cards and they are below. 

  • Creamy Chocolate: You want to include sweet stuff to a wedding invitation, use this. Creamy Chocolate is auto and delicate font that matches the entire boxes. It comes with an adorable typeface, with personality and combined scripting. 
  • Roasting: If your wedding board on Pinterest is filled with fairy lights, bunting and chalk boards, use the Roasting font. The free wedding font resembles a written chalk on top of blackboard having a feminine twist. It is gorgeous. 
  • Elsie: Elsie has an attractive look  and an accentuated serifs. It is among the best fonts for making wedding invitations. The bolder style gives a huge impression and is simple to read. It is suitable for adding personality to your wedding invitations. 
  • Lemonmilk: If you want your wedding to be loud and bold, tell your guests using the Lemon Milk. It is a free sans serif wedding font trendy and currently suitable for any hipster couple. 
  • Dancing Script: Dancing Script is both a distinctive and feminine font that you can use for making wedding cards. If you want something complementary this is suitable, and you may wish to combine it with a sanserif font, that is simple. 
  • Yellow Rabbit: Yellow Rabbit is chunky but  is not complex. Its neatly rounded fonts give you extra accents that you can use to make wedding invitations appear more creative. It is suitable for modern couples hosting an event. 
  • Exmouth: This font is suitable for traditional weddings. It has a classic font and exquisite font style. Its scripted font is slanted and readable offering you a polished look, and suitable for high-end occasions.  
  • Geraldine is a font suitable for fancier wedding invitations. It has a stylish calligraphy that is legible and intricate. If you want to arrange flowers for the wedding, this font can serve. 
  • Dreamland: This is another font you can use for your wedding invitation. It is refined, script-esque and gorgeously dreamy, suitable for major invitation styles. Why don’t you part it using a slick sans serif for the entire combination? 
  • Broadway: Do you want to get a slice of Great Gatsby style to a wedding invitation? Broadway is the font for it. This vintage-style font appears dazzling on a stationery, showing a vibe of the 1920s. 
  • Bodoni: Use this font if you want a chic and minimal affair suitable for billing. The font is well-designed and sleek, with an air of a race and sophistication.  
  • Adelio Darmanto: Calligraphy script fonts can get more beautiful, with fonts like Adelio Darmanto. It has a delicate typeface, having adorable features with head-over wheels. Take a look closer for more details. 
  • Alex Brush: Alex Brush has many characters and large curls. It is a complex free wedding font. The font is suitable for invitations. You can italicise it and join the lettering, meaning it has the entirely active for the handwriting. 
  • Yaquote Script: This is an elegant wedding font that enables you display some creativity, with its uber-thin design. It is formal and attractive. 
  • Freebooter: If you want a font that has a creative flair, begin with Freebooter. It lets you fuse contemporary style using fun swooshes. The font has italics with a fancy edge. 

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