Being Original with a Business Card Is Possible

by Rusty Lane
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It may seem that there is nothing more basic than a business card. After all, everyone uses it to present the contact details of their company and a member of their team. It is of course possible to stand out with a striking and original design, but this is not the only way. Today, there are also media that are out of the ordinary to give more character to this basic communication of your company. 

1. Original papers 

a. Business cards with coloured edges 

A little thicker than classic business cards, this card allows you to spice up your communication thanks to the colour applied to the paper visible on the edge. 

This two-tone business card is made up of 2 laminated sheets that surround a sheet of coloured paper. It gives a chic and bright appearance to your business card. 

b. Textured paper 

Textured paper gives relief to your business cards. Whether by a silky touch (like tracing paper or ultra-white paper) or a grainy touch, you can play on the senses of your partners. 

c. The kraft paper card 

If your company has values ​​close to the preservation of the environment, this paper is made for your business cards. Kraft paper business cards have a clean and raw side, perfect especially for companies in the organic, natural sector … You will also benefit from a slightly rough touch. 

Kraft paper is ecological, natural and recycled paper. Our printer dyes it with cocoa pods to obtain its brown colour. 

2. Finishes that give relief 

a. The selective varnish 

The selective varnish technique instantly gives your business card an upscale appearance. You can highlight certain elements of the map with a varnishing exclusively on these areas. With the 3D option, the areas are even more raised. Coupled with a soft touch mat lamination, this finish will be a sensation with your partners. 

b. Finishes without printing: Letterpress and embossing 

These two printing techniques consist in pressing the paper to produce a relief effect (with or without inking the pattern) positive or negative. The technique of embossing, also called embossing, will give a high-end vintage look to your business card and will surprise at first sight. And the letterpress technique, also called debossing, is particularly fashionable today because it corresponds to the hipster wave. Your cards will immediately take on a new look. 

3. Original Formats 

a. The business card with 2 or 3 flaps 

Say more and make your customers’ lives easier with multi-faceted business cards. Need details on your activities, an access plan, appointments to note, etc.? Everything is possible with this type of business card. But they are still as practical to store thanks to the classic format. 

b. The small format cards 

Despite a smaller format than the classic business card, the little card is a new format that brings a touch of originality. It is therefore not that difficult to distinguish yourself with a business card. Printing options change regularly and new features appear to give your business the opportunity to have more impact, including with the basic communication of a business card. 

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