8 Tips for High Quality Flyer Printing in Singapore

by Hannah Dan
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Designing and printing flyer in Singapore can be quite a challenge. However, the effort put into designing and printing a good flyer is worth it because by doing so, you are giving it your best into making sure that the flyer will be effective once it is distributed. By making effective flyers, you can achieve satisfactory results, earning more profits, gaining more customers, and other benefits using a low cost marketing tool. Here are some tips that you should take note of to make sure you have an outstanding design and flyer printing in Singapore.

1. Consider Bleed Area

In the process of flyer printing, there will be a trimming step once it gets printed. To avoid accidental trimming, you have to keep important information away from the edges of the flyer design. It is important to include a bleed area so that the trimmed flyers can have a more uniform look.

2. Include Your Logo

In order to promote strong branding, you have to include the logo of your company or brand. This is often forgotten or overlooked, but you have to remember including your logo so that your brand gets recognized better.

3. High Resolution Images

Make sure that you present the best looking images or pictures instead of blurry and jagged ones. Low quality images make an unprofessional impression and make you look bad. To make sure that you will get the best quality pictures upon printing, always work in 300 dpi as you design your flyer.

4. Paper Stock

Choosing the right paper stock can really determine the quality of the flyer outcome upon printing. To make a high quality flyer, you need a paper that is durable. You can always ask the printing service of the paper stock they have available and choose one that suits your budget.

5. Flyer Font

Avoid using more than three types of fonts for your flyer design. Using multiple types of font will only make your flyer look cluttered visually, and this will definitely make it look bad. Also, make sure that your flyer can be easily read from a distance by choosing the right font size.

6. Choose the Right Colors

Use colors that can represent and support the idea of the message that you want to deliver with your flyer. Color psychology is very important in marketing because colors can evoke certain emotions from people who see it.

7. Use the Target Market’s Language

Your flyers must be able to communicate well and reach your target audience. To fit well with your target market, you have to create a good buyer persona by using language or words that are easily understood by your potential customers.

8. Brief Content

Don’t clutter the appearance of your flyer by overstuffing it with too many words. Keep the content simple and quick to read. People tend to get discouraged by looking at a block of a paragraph on a flyer, so if you really have to deliver a lot of information with your flyer, try to divide it into two columns to make it more pleasant to read.

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