5 Tips for Professional Video Editing Part Two

by Daniel Appleton
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  1. Use colour grading 

Adjusting the colours in an image can be the point that sets the mood in a video. By adjusting the colour, a series of scenes can feel happy, sad, or tense. To practise this you can imitate various films or videos that can be found on YouTube. There are various colour grading techniques ranging from manual grading, lumetri, to presets that are already available. 

  1. Choose the right output format 

The last step that must be done in a video editing process is to make a series of editing into a file. Know what the video you have created will be used for. Is it to be uploaded to the YouTube channel, for Instagram video purposes, or to be shown at an event? Each requirement has different output specifications, so you need to choose the right format according to your needs. For example, if you are going to upload this video on YouTube, then set the video format with characteristics that can be used for YouTube starting from the file format, duration, and resolution of the video. It’s different if you intend to upload a video to Instagram. Instagram limits the video duration to 1 minute, so we also have to pay attention to things that must be arranged according to the platform that will be used. 

So, those are 5 professional video editing tips. Hopefully, these tips can help you with editing videos in Singapore. Good luck! 

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