5 Tips for Professional Video Editing Part One

by Daniel Appleton
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In a series of video production, the editing process is a very important final process. The accuracy, speed, and editing style of an editor will affect the final result of the video created. The editing process is the final process that takes a long time in production. 

Being a content creator in Singapore is certainly inseparable from video editing activities that have become daily activities. Especially if a creator is new to the world of editing, it is not uncommon for many questions and difficulties to arise in the process. For those of you who are confused about the world of editing, here are 5 video editing tips that are usually done by professionals. 

  1. Tidy up project materials 

When editing a project, the image data that has been collected is usually moved away without any selection and classification of image categories. This makes a video project have raw data sources in various places which will make us confused in finding the source of image, music, or graphic data. To overcome this, you should make it a habit to create a central folder when starting a project. The folder is used as the main source of data that will be used in the editing process. You can save data by categories such as videos, photos, graphics, music, sound effects, and others. This will make your video project more organised and save time in accessing data searches. 

  1. Use custom keyboard shortcuts 

The ability to edit quickly and flexibly is the main factor required of an editor. Sometimes the editing speed will be hampered because of the distance of the shortcut keys in the editing software used. There are several editing software that has a custom keyboard shortcut feature where you can set keyboard shortcuts as you wish. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the editing software that supports this feature. In editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, there is a shortcut trick that allows editing shortcuts to be done only by the left hand. 

  1. Shot Variations 

Visual satisfaction is important in a video. As much as possible, shooting in a video should always be interesting in every image change. You can try using various angles in an image scene. In addition, you can also use various editing tricks that can make an image interesting, such as zoom effects, unique transition effects, or graphic effects added to videos. The video clipping technique must also be considered, lest an image appears too quickly or too long in a scene. 

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