5 Major Types of Printing Services You Should Know

by Hannah Dan
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If you are new to the industry and are looking for a printing company, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t know a lot about the different types of services you can find. 

They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. But each of them is ideal for different tasks and objectives. For example, some are perfect for mass printing while others may be better for specific works. 

For that reason, it is important to know what they are about before hiring a company with printing services. And that’s what you can do here! 

Digital printing. 

Digital printing has become one of the most popular printing methods worldwide because it offers quality results and fast printing processes. 

Currently, companies that offer printing services with this method use two technologies: inkjet and xerography. 

Inkjet is ideal for signs, posters, and short runs of books while laser or xerographic printing is used on direct mail, brochures, and other documents. 

Offset printing. 

This technique, also known as offset litho printing, is the best option for high-volume printing. 

Offset printing promises the best print quality among all the services available today. However, one of its disadvantages is that errors cannot be easily changed once the design is placed on the platter. 

Usually, offset printing is used in almost any type of printing on paper such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, posters, among others. 


Flexography is the printing service used to label plastic bags and shopping bags. 

It is a very versatile method that allows printing on several materials, which is why it is becoming a very fast-growing printing process. 

In the industry, flexography is also known as an updated version of letterpress, the original printing process in the 15th century. 

It is commonly used in printing plastic bags, food packaging, wrapping paper, newspaper inserts, wall coverings, magazines, and more. 

Screen Printing. 

Screen printing has become the most versatile form of print reproduction of all as it can be used on various materials such as paper, metal, plastic, cloth, and glass. 

Within the industry, screen printing is the most common method of printing items on clothing, mugs, and billboards. 

Gravure printing. 

Gravure printing is similar to offset printing in that it is considered an excellent option for printing high-quality, high-volume materials. 

These include magazines, brochures, mail-order catalogs, and other long-run publications. 

A great example of gravure printing is the famous high-quality National Geographic magazine. It is also widely used to create wallpapers, gift wrapping, printed upholstery, plastic laminates, vinyl flooring, and more. 

Final thoughts. 

Now that you have basic but useful information about the most common printing types or services, you can start analyzing all the options you have according to your project’s needs and choose the best one for you. 

Remember that you can also ask for help from specialists to determine which is the best alternative among all those that exist. 

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