5 Great Apps for Creating Digital Business Card

by Rusty Lane
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Creating professional digital business cards doesn’t have to always be using design software. You can also use online apps. Online apps make it easier to create impressive business cards, although you don’t have any design skills. 

For Android users, there are many apps available in the Play Store to help you create digital business cards faster and easier. If you want to start creating business cards, but you can’t decide which apps to use, here are 5 great apps for creating digital business cards you can try. 

5 Apps for Creating Digital Business Cards in Android Devices 

1. Digital Business Card Maker 

Digital Business Card Maker – Visiting Card Maker is an app from Bhima Apps. This app helps you to create professional business cards and requires no design skills. 

There are a lot of free templates you can customize. Just put the details of your contact, modify the background, symbols, and logo that you want. It is so easy and fast. 

2. Digital Business Card 

Digital Business Card – Design & Organize in Minutes is launched by RC Studio Apps. Just like its tagline, this app is a good choice for you to create digital business cards easily just in minutes. 

Besides providing more than 100 free templates of business cards from multiple categories, this app also provides free logos you can add to the cards. The service is available in free and premium versions. 

3. Virtual Business Cards 

Virtual Business Cards: Design Digital Cards is another Android app you can try. This app is from Sweet Sugar. You can create virtual business cards using your preferred language. The language setting is available in more than 65 languages. 

This app lets you start designing from scratch or choosing customizable templates. Then fill in the contact details, add other necessary design elements, and get your unique cards. 

4. Business Card Maker 

Business Card Maker: Digital Visiting Card Maker from Zeus App Studio has more than 1,000 latest collections of templates. You can add preferred backgrounds, fonts, symbols, logos, and images. 

The cards are available in 4 types, custom, standard, vertical, and square business cards. So, you have multiple access to freely express your creativity in designing business cards. 

5. Digital Video Business Card Maker 

Digital Video Business Card Maker is made by Digital Marketing Tools. This is a great app to help you create a unique e-card for business. You can add video to the digital business card you design. No more boring cards. 

Just like other card makers, this app provides many templates you can personalize. After you add all details, you can add relevant videos to promote your brand. 

Imagine your clients get your digital business card, click the play button, and watch your business video footage. It will simply impress them.  

Now you can get a modern way to share contact details by creating digital business cards easily. Design them right from your Android devices by using these 5 great apps of digital business card makers. So, which one do you like? 

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