5 Common Mistakes Beginner Videographers Should Avoid Part Two

by Bruno Day
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  1. Lack of attention to the background 

Another mistake that is still often made by novice videographers is not paying attention to the background when shooting videos. According to Videomaker.com, a background that looks disorganised and less clean will distract the viewer. If the background is not quite right, immediately transfer the talent or take a picture from another angle. The background is very influential in the video. If you take a video with an unattractive background, of course, the image quality will make it difficult during the editing process. In addition, the background and the object must also be sufficiently contrasted. Viewers will have a hard time seeing objects if their tones blend too much into the background. If you’re taking a video of someone, make sure the colour of the shirt doesn’t match the background colour. Sounds trivial, but this error is still very often done. 

  1. Not setting up scripts and storyboards 

In making videos, preparing scripts and storyboards is mandatory. Both will be very helpful in the production process and make it easier for the team to carry out their duties. With a storyboard, all shooting will be more organised and planned. Talent will also find it easier to understand his position while in front of the camera. In the post-production section, namely when editing videos, you will also be facilitated when there is a storyboard. So the process of making videos can be done regularly and sequentially. Dialogue in the video will also feel more mature by referring to the script. If you want an easier video creation process and maximum results, don’t forget to start preparing storyboards and scripts. 

  1. Less optimising sound effects 

This mistake is also quite often made by many beginner videographers. The sound effects in the video will help convince viewers of what they are seeing. In addition, sound effects are also able to make videos look more real. Videos that are not polished with sound effects will feel very monotonous. However, the sound effects can also be quite distracting if you overdo them. So, the selection of sound effects also needs to be considered and make sure it will not interfere with the video. Make sure to choose the appropriate and quality sound effects on your video. 

That’s an explanation of the mistakes that beginner videographers still often make. If you want to become a professional videographer in Singapore, make sure you don’t make the mistakes above. 

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