5 Best Online Business Card Makers

by Hannah Dan
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Business cards still play a big role in promoting business and its brand. Many business people always bring their business cards in case they meet potential clients. 

A business card with a unique design can make a great first impression. When your clients are impressed, everything about you and your brand stays longer in their minds. 

To create such a great business card that can represent a brand is quite challenging. However, some sites provide a feature for business card makers. Here are 5 of them.  

5 Online Business Card Makers You Can Try 

1. Canva 

Canva is very well known for its design templates. There are thousands of stylish templates for design, including for designing professional business cards. They are available in free and premium versions. 

Those available templates are created by professional designers. You can add details to personalize your business card’s design. All you need to do is just choose a template, customize it, and get your professional business card. After that, you can download or print your card’s design. 

2. Biz Card Maker 

Biz Card Maker is a free online business card maker. It provides multiple minimalist templates. You can put your contact details and logo, then customize the layout. 

It is very easy to use the feature. You can download the design as PDF or JPEG files for free. Biz Card Maker is suitable for those who have a limited budget for creating business cards. 

3. GraphicSprings 

GraphicSprings is another site that provides a free business card maker. It is easy to use and has multiple categories of templates, such as photography, technology, consulting, weddings, and many more. 

From its home page, you can click the button ‘Create my own business card’, then choose a template or start from scratch. However, to be able to download the result, you have to sign in or log in first. 

4. Design Hill 

Design Hill offers free service in creating various business cards. You can customize the image, text, line, icon, and frame. However, if you like the design and you want to download it, you need to pay. 

What you pay is worth it, because Design Hill has a business card generator that will automatically give you multiple designs of the business cards. Since the designs are made by professional designers, the visuals Design Hill provides are great. 

5. Free Logo Services 

Although its name is Free Logo Services,  

a business card maker from Free Logo Services provides many great designs from professional designers. You can design business cards as many as you can, and buy the design if you like it. 

How to use Free Logo Services is pretty much the same as other business card makers. Click the button ‘Make your cards’, choose the category and the card design you like, complete the details, and personalize it. 

You can try these 5 online business card makers anytime you want to create your own business cards. Most of them require registration and login. Since you will get free access to use multiple designs of business cards, it is not a problem. 

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