4 Types of Invitation Cards That Are Most Common

by Daniel Appleton
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One type of invitation card printing in Singapore doesn’t always work for all types of events or occasions. 

That means, different occasions call for different types of invitations. 

Although the way each invitation card designed is different, they still have the same aim of inviting guests, providing them information about your event, and making sure that it is effectively conveyed. 

So, here are some types of invitation cards and tips on how to design them right. 

1. Handwritten Invitation Card 

The handwritten invitation card might not be very popular these days because people always prefer to either design it digitally. 

A handwritten invitation card comes off as unique and more personal, although it is best for small events and is not very ideal for events that invite a lot of people. Why? This is because an invitation card that is handwritten takes longer to make. If you invite a lot of people and use handwritten invitation card, it will take a lot of time to work on everything. You might make a mistake without realizing in the process or the result won’t be consistent and neat. So, only use handwritten cards for small events. 

2. Digital Invitation Card 

Not only that people like to design their invitation cards digitally now, they also send it using the internet. People rely so much on technology because it is very convenient. However, it feels less personal and not very thoughtful despite its eco-friendliness since you don’t have to print on papers and waste ink or stamp on that. 

Also, it saves up a lot more time as well. 

If you decide to use digital or electronic invitation card, make sure that you send it properly with a pleasant message that explains your good intentions so that people will pay more attention to it instead of dismissing your invitation card. 

3. Wedding Invitation Card 

The wedding invitation card is sent physically even until this day, mostly, even though some people also choose to send it digitally. 

When it comes to designing a wedding invitation card, you have to match it with the theme of the wedding so that you can give a gist of what kind of wedding it will be. For example, by the design of a wedding invitation card, people can know whether it will be more casual, formal, etc. So, the design is very important. Not any less important, you also have to make sure that you deliver all the key information in the content of your wedding invitation card without making it sound confusing for the readers. 

4. Party Invitation Card 

A party invitation card is usually simple and more casual. You can invite people for a party after a happy occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, promotion, and others. Since there’s not a lot you should explain in a party invitation card, try to keep it short and simple just to let people know where and when it is, as well as what the event is about. 

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